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Agrihoods, a New Way of Living

As a writer by trade and insatiable reader, I am a great lover of words. This morning I came across an interesting word that I hadn’t seen before, “agrihood.” It is a noun and refers to “a district, especially one forming a community connected to a farm or incorporating a farm within its boundaries.”

After a google search of the Interwebs, I quickly discovered that (1) this is not a new concept and (2) agrihoods are popping up all over America. As a farming and agriculture advocate, imagine my excitement! Here are a few of the articles for those inquiring minds:

Many of us, I realize, can’t pull up stakes and root ourselves in a new agrihood community. We can impact the sustainability of agripreneurs in our own community by supporting them, day after day, with our consumer dollars.

How and where you ask?

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Spring has just officially arrived in western North Carolina. We have a promising growing season ahead. The Buy Haywood team looks forward to sharing the journey with you!

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