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Saturday, November 29
Saturday, November 29

Small Businesses Preserve Agricultural Heritage

Can you imagine a place where farmers grow hundreds of acres of fresh produce, graze cattle, raise shrubs, trees, herbs and bees—create dozens of value-added products like Peach Shine Jam & Rainbow Trout Caviar—while embodying the character of a rural community?

Welcome to our Haywood County!

Shopping small on Saturday, November 28th, does not mean sacrificing selection or the price/quality equation.  “Small Business Saturday is an opportunity for consumers to ‘purchase with a purpose’ by using their dollars to invest in the agricultural backbone of Haywood County,” says Tina Masciarelli, Buy Haywood Project Coordinator.

Haywood County is home to a vibrant community of local independent businesses represented at farmers markets, farm-to-table restaurants, specialty shops and Christmas tree farms.  Click here for some #ShopSmall ideas!  Or, visit our web directory for a complete list of Buy Haywood partners.

“Support of local agripreneurs keeps farms viable and preserves access to local products while protecting farmland and the rural character of the region,” says Masciarelli.  “While it is easy for consumers to be seduced by looking for the lowest price, don’t assume that small businesses can’t compete while also delivering a uniquely local product partnered with a warm hometown experience.”

Why local?

Multiple studies in communities around the nation show that, on average, independent local businesses reinvest more than three times as much money per dollar of sales directly back into their community over their chain competitors.

Supporting small independent businesses builds strong local economies and vibrant communities— while creating local jobs, expanding entrepreneurial opportunities and ensuring a viable economic future for generations to come.

Dollars and Sense:

  • For every $100 spent at a local small business, $68 stays in your community
  • For every $100 spent at a chain store, only $43 of that remains in your community
  • Love shopping Online?  For every $100 spent, $0 stays in your community (unless it is an Online store associated with a local independently owned small business)
  • $$$ Shopping locally creates local jobs, helps fund local schools, fire and police departments, and pays for roads.

(Statistics: “Small Business Tips” by Rhonda Abrams)

Masciarelli believes that it is through individual acts in small communities around the nation—the green belt, the dust bowl, rural Appalachia, urban food-scapes, Main Streets and forgotten streets where the seeds for a new economy are being cultivated while restoring real wealth to the American dream.  “When we, as individuals, exercise the power for demand to drive supply (ie. choosing local) then we are collectively contributing to the growth of living economies where economic power resides locally, for the purpose of sustaining healthy community life and natural life as well as long-term economic viability,” says Masciarelli.

Take the #ShopSmall pledge!

Think BIG and SHOP SMALL this holiday season!  Support Buy Haywood’s Uniquely Local partners at area farms, markets, specialty retailers, farm-to-table restaurants, and Christmas tree farms.  Visit our Web Directory for Uniquely Local destinations.


 Buy Haywood is a project of the
Haywood Advancement Foundation

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