Sunburst Market

Specialty Retail

As an organization, Buy Haywood is thrilled to work with local value-added & specialty retail stores that feature products with Haywood County grown ingredients.  From reclaimed wood to gourmet jams, jellies & savory spreads—Haywood County agripreneurs are reshaping our economy with uniquely local products that you can’t find anywhere else!

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our vibrant community of agripreneurs and their

Bosu’s Wine Shop & Gourmet Retailer

Copper Pot & Wooden Spoon

The Ginn Project

Hemphill Pottery

Montgomery Street Market

Moose Crossing’s Burl Wood Gallery

Mountain Favors

Mud Dabbers Pottery & Crafts, INC

Sentelle’s Seafood & Specialty Market

Sunburst Market


Photo courtesy of Sunburst Market

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