Our supporters at Mountainwise in both Haywood & Jackson counties have been some of the most energetic and dedicated project partners that we have ever worked with!  In addition to sharing educational materials, the Mountainwise Leads in both counties have cross-promoted our project with a level of zeal that parallels our own.  Mountainwise is responsible for sharing materials, financially supporting our Cooking Local Project, 2013 season, and providing our market vendors with much needed shade tents and supplies.  Gratitude does not adequately express what we feel toward this team for all that they have contribute

MountainWise works with the eight westernmost counties of North Carolina to provide opportunities for physical activity, access to local fresh fruits and vegetables, provide support for tobacco-free places and access to services for chronic-disease management.  The Mountainwise team believes when environments encourage and are supportive of healthy choices, it becomes easier to make those choices.

By honoring traditions and embracing the natural resources of the mountains, Mountainwise aims to make the healthy choice the easy choice—and strengthen the health of all communities in Western North Carolina.

Special thanks to former Leads, Keelin Schneider (Haywood) & Melissa McKnight (Jackson) for all your project support, encouragement, time and assistance.  We wish you the absolute best of luck in your new endeavors!

We must also mention the leadership and vision of
Sarah Tennyson (Region 1 Coordinator)

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